Fat Camp – Best Fat Camp Program in Australia

Australia Fat Camps in Sydney, Victoria and Perth for adults.

In association with our friends at OnTrack Retreats Fat Camp we are delighted to offer a fat camp style program at OnTrack’s retreats in NSW, Victoria and WA, This fat camp program offers a long term focused weight loss program with rapid results and long term lifestyle change.

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The OnTrack fat camp program is a great way to experience a fat camp program and to shed fat and fast! Come and stay with our friends at OnTrack, Australias number one live in fitness camp program and provider of fat camps.

At OnTrack you will transform your fitness, lose weight, drop fat, eat clean nutritious meals and see rapid body and image improvements. Your personal fat camp program will see you get the results that you are after and fast!

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During your stay at a Fat Camp you will

  • Lose weight, drop fat, get fit and drop centimetres
  • Choose from our top quality fat camp locations
  • Take part in Australia’s most popular fat camp retreat program – more popular than any other fat camp retreat
  • Undertake a daily fat camp program
  • Eat tasty and healthy food that you can easily replicate when you arrive home. Don’t starve yourself for short term results eat well and lose weight with Kick Start fat camps.
  • Have optional diet seminars to help you with subjects like nutrition, emotional eating and motivation.
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Fat Camp at great locations

With a choice of locations in NSW, Victoria and Perth the OnTrack fat camp gives you the perfect place in which to embark on your life changing fat camp experience. With our fun fat camp based program you will get great results.

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Fat Camp Programs

This  resorts offer you the opportunity to take part in our fat camp whilst also benefitting from the facilities you’d expect of Australia’s leading fat camp providers.

You will be able to choose from a range of great value room types from basic shared rooms keeping your costs down up to private ensuite rooms for those wanting a slice of luxury during their life changing fat camp experience.

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Great Tasting Healthy Food at our Fat camp

We pride ourselves on serving you real, wholesome food that you will want to continue eating when you get home. You will eat a wide range of great tasting healthy meals and there isn’t any rabbit food in sight! You will get great results at our fat camp.

We serve real food that you’ll want to eat for the rest of your life.

At the Sydney fat camp Retreat you’ll also participate in practical cooking experience which will help you to continue your healthy eating journey when you arrive home.

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Optional Fitness Goal Setting and Nutritional Education

Unlike most fat camps we don’t just care about your results during your time with us, we also want you to succeed when you get home.

That’s why during your stay you have the option to take part in workshops and seminars designed to help you reach your diet goals when you leave for home. These sessions are optional and you will spend one on one time with one of our specialists..

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Practical Cooking Experience

At some of OnTrack’s fat camp locations you will be able to get practical experience of cooking healthy meals to ensure success when you get home. You will leave us with plenty of healthy ideas and be confident of cooking your own healthy meals that taste great.

You will be served a mixture of seated meals and meals that you prepare yourself with other guests. It’s this practical approach that makes our Sydney fat camp so popular with guests wanting to get fast, rapid fitness results but also looking to reach their long term fitness goals when they arrive home.

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